Sunday, October 17, 2010


Today is a chill day. I'm allowing myself to chill, even break fashion rules by wearing black and brown clothes together. (I know, right??) Sunday afternoon is beautiful. I took a long nap, had tea and make lovely food. I've had a tough past week and I'm anticipating a busy coming week. I have to remember - tomorrow will worry for itself. I just need to be faithful. Recently, something rather devastating happened to me. It had kinda been coming on, but it came to a crescendo on Friday. I told my friend Vicki I was going to crawl into a cave. That's my instinct. To run away.

However, I've also been hearing something else and for the first time in my life, it's actually coming through. I need to remain vulnerable with God. Whatever has happened to me, however painful, however raw and wronged I feel, I know God is working. The situation itself might not resolve, but he is in control. It can change me and resolve some more of what's wrong in me. Even if I crawl into a cave, away from people, I've given God an all-access VIP pass. He's my Almighty Healer, my Abba Father, he's on my side and is the only one who has the energy to listen to me repeatedly pouring out my hurts and anger. He can change things. I pray he does.

Friday, I went to take senior pictures of my dear, dear friend Keri. This girl is absolutely radiant, so full of the love of Jesus. Even though I came into the photo shoot tired - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically - after spending three hours with her, tramping around, chatting nonstop, and trying to find my light, I was oddly refreshed. She is willing to sacrifice anything that distracts her from loving God. She even got off Facebook. How radical is that? She's the bomb! I love you, Keri!

Saturday night, I went babysitting with Babs. Since I'm getting too old (read too busy) for babysitting, I've been "mentoring" my two younger sisters who are twelve and ten by taking them along on the few babysitting jobs I do get, so they get practice for when they start their own babysitting careers. It's been super fun. They're both really great with kids.
This is the three-year-old boy cheerfully squished between his two darling sisters, always politely interrupting his very talkative older sister with, "Excuse me, but can I say...?"
Watching his latest obsession - Choo Choo Bob.
This is the one-year-old watching them and playing with my phone. In her random button-mashing, she accidentally called my friend Emily. Hehe.
I love this squish! She's tiny and so so precious! I was so excited to baby sit for this family, not only because they booked me a month in advance (haha, seriously!) but also because their family life is so sweet.
This was on her fridge and she really lives it too. Their regular bedtime routine includes bible stories, reviewing memory verses, reading a bible blessing over them and then praying once they're in bed. I wish you could hear three-year-old saying Luke 18:27b. "What is impossible (thumbs down) with man, is possible (thumbs up) with God!"

That's two ways God has encouraged me lately. Any ways for you?


Listening to Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla

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