Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good Morning to November

I'm resolving (two days late) to take part in Nablopomo, or the posting every day in November. Thanks to Anna from hoperoad for the inspiration.

Update on me: I'm now enrolled with CollegePlus! and have a coach. I still don't want a college degree and I just cringe when I think of all the money it's going to cost me. I seriously am going to be cleaned out of my SAVINGS. Oh well. Money's not everything. God has all the money in the world, anyway. ^_^

I did 84 lunges and 60 squats at the gym three days ago and I'm still having trouble sitting down.

I wrote a short story for a contest at our library. I was a little too proud of myself for that, especially since the story was very juvenile.

One more observation from my life. Heaven must be a little like going downhill after biking up a mountain. This came from biking home at 11:30 last night and going up that last bit of a hill. I was tired and sore (see item 2) and it was such relief to just let go and glide. Yeah, I'm seriously looking forward to heaven.

All right, I love you all! (if anyone still reads this blog...) and stayed tuned for the rest of my adventures this month!


Listening to Blue Heaven - But As Hard As You Try

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  1. I read your blog! I'm excited I get to read it every day now! I love youuuuu! :)