Friday, August 20, 2010

Quadrupled Eats

This is my friend Tasia. She's a good baker and works at Great Harvest. I LOVE GREAT HARVEST.

One lovely late Friday morning, Jak and I went over to her house to have home-made biscuits with raspberry jam. Yes, they were that good. Whole wheat, light and lovely.

Then, I made Banana Banana Bread. At my house, I can't do things by halves. I can't even do doubled! I quadrupled this recipe. Eight eggs, a cup of butter, a cup of applesauce and lots of brown sugar. Not to mention eight cups of bananas and lots of flour and spices. My delightful brother Andrew is posing in this shot. In the background, he had started making pancakes.

The batter almost lapped at the lip of the bowl.

The final product. I put half wheat flour/ half white and substituted applesauce for half the butter. I also added nutmeg, all-spice and cinnamon, plus a cinnamon-sugar topping to give it a nice sweet crust.

Even the hard-core food critics of the family who pull no punches and have no reservations (i.e. my teenage brothers) liked it. Ohh, yummy and moist and it used up a HUGE bag of bananas. I think we're gonna give some to a family that just had their ninth kid.

Don't get me started on the zucchini pancakes. After I took over frying duty, I decided that more oil is generally better. The final result is more like deep-fried cakes, so tasty!

My pancake technique is improving. I think the trick is to WAIT TO FLIP IT. I confess. I'm a recovering hyper-active pancake flipper.

Good thing there were lots of people to eat the pancakes!

This is Earah, one of our little friends who came over. She asked for water and I got her this.

"It comes in pints?"

As you can see, I enjoy food. I've always enjoyed food, but now I want to make food. One of the best parts of my morning is at the gym, going my 3.10 miles on the elliptical while watching the Food Network. Now I'm going to Chipotle with Daviey and Jak. I'm so glad God made food!


Listening to She and Him - In The Sun


  1. Heh. I love food, too. It makes me so happy. =)

    I looove the pictures. =) It makes me happy to see you guys. =)