Saturday, August 7, 2010

Freestyling It In The Kitchen

Today I learned that:

-raw oatmeal is edible (ok, I already knew that)

-burnt chocolate is edible - it's just crumbly and needs to be thought of as very dark chocolate

-eating green food out of a yellow bowl can be very theraputic

-some nectarines are huge and can only be eaten one half at a time

-every good meal should be followed by a good nap

My dear friend Tasia wrote about baking in heels and I'm determined to follow in her footsteps *ahem* heelclicks soon.

Listening to Anberlin - Last First Kiss


  1. Raw oats with yogurt is really, really good. ^_^

    I love food. 0=) I had a shake today. ^_^ *is a bad, bad person* 0=)

  2. My mom went on this craze where she ate raw oatmeal for breakfast every morning. ^_^

  3. I like raw oatmeal, it's really good. just put them in milk and eat it with raisins, and it's so good.