Thursday, August 5, 2010

Praying For Matt Redman

I had an interesting thought today while I was scrubbing the floors at Mary's. I was listening to Matt Redman's Facedown album and just getting chills. Seriously, what a gifted guy to be able to write music like this, I thought.

Then, I thought, with his love for God where it is and how he uses his talent for God's glory, what must he have been through to get there and how much must Satan be trying to TAKE HIM DOWN. And I prayed for him, that he and his family would be protected from evil attacks. I don't know about you, but I tend to idolize talented people. Not idolize like worship, but just admire them a lot.

I need to remember to pray for everyone, especially those who are my brothers and sisters in Christ, no matter how high or influential their position. Same goes for those struggling, weak and lowly. No one is lowly to God. In the next life, everyone is going to be astounding, be it wonderful or awful. God is over all.

In further news... MY SISTER JAK IS COMING HOME AND I'M GONNA DIE! (p.s. the picture is of Jak, not Matt Redman!) I seriously can't wait to pick her up from the bus station. Poor thing's been traveling for two whole days back from New Zealand. I hope she's okay, in every way. It'll probably be a bit of adjustment for her to come back home and I'll have to remember what it's like to have another person in my bedroom. ^_^

In one way, it feels like it's been about three years and in another way, it hasn't been that long at all that she's been gone. She's missed out a bit on life in general, but nothing too drastic. No weddings, funerals or baby showers. ;) We're gonna be working at the same place now, too!

Farewell, friends. Eat dried peaches and pray for the babies.


Listening to David Crowder Band - Wholly Yours


  1. Dried peaches! :-o I wish!

    I'm so happy that Jak's coming home. =) I hope she helps cheer you up. *squish* I love you! Go do something awesome and cheerful (and maybe a little crazy 0=)) with Jak and have lots of fun. 0=) (Good remedy for life. ^_^ Have fun. ^_^)

  2. she missed out on my birthday, that's pretty drastic :P :P

    no just kidding, not at at all. I'm SO STINKIN' HAPPY SHE'S HOME!!!