Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'll Donate My Shoes

When I die, I hope I will be famous enough that people will put my shoes on display.
This is not my sister. As you can see from our very different eye color, skin tone, face shape, hair color and FACIAL EXPRESSION (O_O), we are not related.

But I adore her.


Listening to Babs - Doing Dishes

P.S. Sometimes giving double red isn't all its cracked up to be.
Still another 52 days before I can give blood again!


  1. Well, since I was there for both births and since neither of you were in a hospital you could not have been switched in the nursery, so I claim you both as my daughters,
    Your Daddio

  2. haha, hey i like how babs' mouth disappears out of the picture. i might donate blood here in dunedin! :D you just have to have an ID.
    i'm also getting an awesome hiker person backpack that will fit all my stuff, joseph got one too. but mine won't be here until like wednesday.
    love you darling girls! I miss all my little sisters. :(

  3. XD I totally fell for it. I thought to myself, well, I wonder who she is, then. ^_^

  4. Am feeling much love for your header photo. :)