Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things From Seventeen

I was looking back on my seventeenth year the night before I turned eighteen. I was somewhat depressed, but then I said to God, "I wouldn't change a thing or take back a single second if I could, because I know that I wouldn't be who I am if I hadn't gone through everything I went through. I trust you more, Father. I know you more. I'm so glad I spent my seventeenth year with you."
Some picture memories.
I have almost all his albums and I can remember many times singing along, sometimes in tears. Bebo Norman has an unusual lyrical and musical gifting and an almost unbelievable heart for God.
Sisters! Jak and I are a funny combo. Kind of like Seafood Gumbo and Plaster of Paris. Who is who, I don't know and don't ask. It was awesome for me to see how she'd changed when she came back from Summit. It was like she'd had a revelation, a mountain-top experience and it totally changed her.
My writing notebook. My favorite word of the moment gets sharpie-d on the front. I can't remember what sedulously means, though...
I so loved getting my job and meeting all the fantastic people I work with and the times I had to trust God, telling him out loud that I trusted him, in the stockroom and while biking to work and through various stressful times. And all the times I still have to do that. ^_^
One of the best things was getting to know God's word more. He is life and I think I'm understanding that more and more.
This is a beautiful little book - short, vibrant and deeply encouraging. Spurgeon rocks!
This is a life-changing book. Not in a drastic, fall-down-and-cry way, (at least, not yet) but in a quiet, true living way. Memorizing God's word is not an elite, legalistic thing to do; it's breathing God-air, gulping life-water, eating soul-food, capturing every thought and moment for my ravishingly beautiful Savior.

Some other good memories are the Esther Beth Moore bible study and my trip to Mississippi. In some ways, I feel like this year has been a whole icky unfolding of myself, showing me who I am, in an unpleasant, yet truthful light. I guess that's what sanctification's all about, huh?

I've also been realizing lately that it's not so much what you do, it's how and with whom. God has given me an awesome bunch of people in my life. I'm so, so, so, so thankful for my friends and the beautiful, amazing women of God in my life!

I thank God for Tasia Widner. She is so grounded in God that her eagerness to please him always inspires me. You are earnestly seeking to live life for God and that is awesome to see!

I thank God for Kari Jo. I honestly have never met someone like Kari. She is a incredibly sensitive and discerning person and loyal like nobody's business. I have appreciated your texts and our Panera dates this year, Kari.

I thank God for Courtney Anne. Courtney is someone I always know I can count on. She make my days better just by being there and reminds me what life is truly about. Thanks for staying by me through all my moodiness, Courtney. I love you!

I thank God for Emily Carbone. Emily is a one-of-a-kind and I always know she'll give me good advice. I've enjoyed all the times we've hung out or gone to concerts or texted, babe. You're a treasure.

I thank God for Jessica Hofstede, better known as Bialystoker. She is a beautiful, talented woman and I appreciate the way our senses of humor connect and interact and all the times we've encouraged each other. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. C'mon, we can make it!

I thank God for Jesus, the one and only, true and perfect Lover of my Life. You answer when I call and protect me from all harm. You, King Jesus! You are goodness and truth! You are the keeper and director of my days and times. You put me right here, right now, for your good purposes.

Make my life a prayer to you.
I want to do what you want me to.



  1. I love seeing how God's been working in your life. You're a huge blessing.
    smashing header photo!

  2. I love you....more than you know.....

  3. you probably wrote this a LONNGG time ago..but i just read it and it made my night.
    i love you ruthiey :)