Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Out For Sushi

The band took me out for sushi to celebrate my birthday.
I got to wear the birthday head - creepy, anyone? - and I got a deep fried banana with one candle stuck in it. ^_^

Daviey is 21,

Joseph's 20,

Jak's 19,

and I'm 18!

It'll be that way until Daviey turns 22 after Christmas. I totally love how close we are, both age and life-wise. It's part of what makes us so awesome. ;)

This morning I got the crazy idea to run a 5k sometime in the spring. Isn't that exciting? I wanna sign on a dotted line somewhere to ensure that I actually do it.


Listening to Seabird - Falling For You
Oh darling, it's finally true...


  1. you're all such good friends with each other - that's amazing to see. :)
    why 'the band'?

  2. because we look like those bands that always go out to eat in strange restaurants and coffee shops in other countries on tour.

  3. Yes. The birthday head IS creepy. ^_^