Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We Gotta Start

if you gotta start somewhere, why not here
if you gotta start sometime, why not now

tonight's the night
I'll start on my knees
I won't hide the broken parts
that you need to see

if we gotta start somewhere, I say here
if we gotta start sometime, I say now

so, do whatever it takes
to turn this around
i'm a child so lost
I yearn to be found

if you've gotta start somewhere, why not here
why not now?
if I give you a chance
you'll keep me together whatever it takes

remember this time
when I told you what I felt
I'll hold onto you
above everything else

we are one choice from together
you and me
two worlds collide
its all love tonight
as we step across the line

if we gotta start sometime, I say now
now, right now

This is a mash-up poem from two songs that I love - Toby Mac's City On Our Knees and Lifehouse's Whatever It Takes. It's a look at surrendering to God and his plan, whatever it is, and the freedom we have when we're in God's control.

I'm going to be gone this weekend - starting Thursday to Monday, probably. I'm excited.
Take care, friends. Pray that I can get packed without a case of nerves. ^_^


P.S. Eat chocolate, the good stuff. Not peanutbutterick-version.

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  1. i've listened to that song a lot over the weekend. toby mac has a way with words.
    hope you had a lovely time wherever you were. =)