Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Damian and Samuel - Both Winners

Actually, strike that. I do have something to say. I've been watching The Glee Project and recently the finale aired. I was just watching it just now. The top two contenders were Damain McGinty (who I was rooting for) and this dread-lock guy named Samuel.

So, after all the episodes and the other ten contestants were eliminated, the decision-maker Ryan Murphy tells all of them their strengths and what he likes about them and then... dramatic pause... and, "Samuel, you have won the Glee Project." Everyone freaks out.

"Damian, I think it's so hard. I think you're so special..." Damian is gracious and says that Samuel deserves it and then Ryan goes,

"The thing I want to tell you is that... you have also won the Glee Project." Everyone freeeeaaaaks out, including Damian as he jumps around like a crazy person.

I find it very strange that none of them thought that two winners was strange. I would just like to shout this very loudly for everyone to hear (only I'll type-shout it because my family's in bed). THERE IS ONLY EVER ONE WINNER. That's why it's called second place, people.

Now before you jump on my case, yes, I know for the show it makes sense. They can use more than one person and also yes, I was peeved that they picked Damian second. (Maybe they just wanted to see if he'd react sweetly and he did! Way to go, Damian.) But seriously. Is this not a tribute to our post-modern culture? Two winners? We're all winners, after all. Isn't that nice?



  1. nice...it is cool that the talent in each can be recognized...

  2. What?? Damian got second place?? What a gyp!

    I've been watching, too. It's interesting how they change in your minds. I still wish Hannah had won. She was my favorite (then maybe Damian and then Cameron). She's just so freaking adorable!

    Anyways. Yeah. They really like doing stuff like that nowadays... *sigh*

  3. This is what I meant when I said "text" in my email. :D I was exegeting your "text" badly. :D And I enjoyed this blog post. Bad Po-mo's!