Sunday, October 25, 2009

Okay, I Admit It

I have a tattoo.

Okay, I don't. I think I will not ever have a tattoo. Although, perhaps, I might get multiple piercings. Someday. But not just another ear piercing. Somewhere fun. Like... a lip piercing? Oh, the possibilities are endless. I could have it on the left side of my lip. Or the right side of my lip. Or the middle.


I say no to bangs. And to line-drying clothes. This post is dedicated to Vicki.



  1. Aw. (= I do or would do all of those things except for the lip piercing. Grah. That would just get in the way. ^_^

  2. I know several people with lip/tongue piercings... it's just gross. and sometimes impedes talking clearly.
    i like your new blog photo, dear.

  3. Dude, is that like the spooky pale green pants?

  4. I love the way line-dried clothing smells at my grandparents' house... like windy gardens. It's just so different.