Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Make A Difference

Today, I gave blood. My iron was at 13.5, my all time high.
Unfortunately, I couldn't give double-red because I was just one day early.
One day! Sometimes life is so ironic.

Everyone should try giving blood at least once in their life, even if they're scared of needles or blood. It's an experience that gets you beyond yourself.


  1. I used to always feel guilty about not giving blood -- there'd always be this blood-donation center at school -- until I learned that you have to weigh a certain amount to donate. Now I have guilty relief. ^_^

  2. What does double-red mean?
    'It's an experience that gets you beyond yourself.' - yeah... I know this isn't what you meant, but last time I donated I was super giggly for about 10 minutes. It was weird. I made ridiculous puns and laughed at everything anyone said.

  3. haha, I don't weigh enough either, though I almost tried giving blood anyway. But then I didn't. Someday though, maybe after I have kids, I'll weigh enough :)

  4. I weigh less than Vick, so I guess I can't either.
    but that's really cool, Ruthiey!
    Maybe I"ll just give Hair. ^_^
    (Speaking of which, we still have two disembodied braids in our closet from Vick and Ginia. Geez, we should do something with them. )

  5. Freaky children. All of you. ^_^

  6. Oh, I'm relieved. I'm not below the weight requirements. That would've been majorly sad. ^_^ I guess I should bug my mom about giving blood again. Heh heh.

    ERIN!?!? YOU HAVE BRAINS IN YOUR CLOSET????? *dies of shock* Really. I totally do NOT believe it. O_O (And, Erin, is there any other kind of brain *besides* disembodied brains? ^_^)

    Oh. ^_^ There I go again. Braids. Yeesh. I guess I need my brain checked. XD I've got two disembodied braids, too, actually. ^_^