Monday, May 18, 2009


Yes. I just got a black... polyurethane (I like to call it leather, although that's technically incorrect) trench coat. Garage sales make my life. Paid three bucks for it. It's currectly the most beautiful thing I own. ^_^

Here's a poem I wrote during the sermon yesterday.

look look, he waits like a cougar
look and he will spring upon your soul
ravish your heart, take your eyesight
oh look, he waits, with vigor, power
a strong, lithe love, deep and free
with claws of grace, waiting to leap
oh with all your being, cry to God
for strength to lift your head
...and look

I have a Senior Dinner tonight. I have to think up an outfit.

Alright, people. Take care. Do something today that you'll always be proud of.

R <3


  1. that poem is very good. =)

  2. Isn't polyurethane what you use to prep wood for staining?
    Good work on the poem. That's a different take on sermon notes. _^-^_

  3. An outfit to wear?
    The trenchcoat, over something dark green, with a wide-brimmed hat and gloves. That's what I wear most days of the year. ^_^

  4. Wow!! I is jealous. O_o A trenchcoat, man! Sweet! I want one!

    I'd totally do that, Mari.

  5. I like your version of sermon notes. I wish i could do're amazing! And you not being able to think up an outfit? I think that's insane. You'll do fine with all the clothes you have. :D