Saturday, May 11, 2013

Oxford and Les Mis

For everyone reading my blog: No, we are not traveling super super slow. I'm just really behind on my blogging. So if you want more up-to-date posts, check out my sister's blog. Until then, enjoy!

After confusion about catching buses, (seriously, what else is new on this trip?) we all made it to Oxford and tramped down the road to our hostel.

I was super psyched to be in Oxford! Dude!

Right off the bat, we had lunch. I had a lovely, toasty, cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel. Ah, delish.

The ducks enjoy the milky green water and low-hanging weeping willows while I enjoy the entire scene.

Spring in Oxford. The age of the buildings with the newness of fresh pink buds is stunning.

The Bridge of Sighs, a skyway for Hertford College attenders built in 1914.

Of course, this is a big part of what our excitement was about. We are all C. S. Lewis and A Severe Mercy fans. 

I think it must be easier to learn if you're studying in a very old, important-looking building surrounded by cool landscaping. 

This was something we'd been planning from the very beginning of our trip, a culinary pilgrimage to The Eagle and Child where C.S. Lewis, Tolkien and rest of the Inklings met to discuss writing. This place helped shape my childhood!

I got the wild boar burger.

The place was long and dark and decorated with great quotes and pictures. There's a quote on the beam that was quite applicable to our adventure so far.

My happiest hours are spent with 3 or 4 old friends in old clothes tramping together and putting up in small pubs. -Lewis

And the burger was so tasty! The thin slices of chorizo sausage on top gave it a nice kick. 

Early one morning, we all split up and I took this most magical walk in a huge field next to the Thames. Since it was early, the frost was still decorating the plants.

The sky was marvelous, with the sun teasingly peeking through a screen of clouds.

Isn't this an everyday scene in Oxford? A rowing team with their coach in a speed boat next to them. Haha, love this.

This pasture land is free for grazing and this goose is wondering what exactly I'm doing in this field. At some points I was wondering too. I carried Oxford mud around on my boots for several days afterward.

(Esther, this pictures are for you.) The horses ignored me as I walked closeby their herd. Obviously tourists are nothing new for these Oxford horses.

Oxford is a city that has been blessed with so much light. I loved the laid-back but scholastic feel of the city.

It almost made me sad that I was out of school and couldn't go study for a term here. I knew how much I was enjoying Oxford when I started considering going back to school just so I could come here. 

Lunch on a park bench. Some ducks came along and I shared my crusts with them. 

Then we headed back to London for Les Miserables! This was another thing we had planned from the beginning and we were all super excited!

We took the Tube and then rushed along the sidewalk and into the theater. I felt a little out of place amongst all the other fancy people, even though I had put on the most dressy outfit I could pull out of my backpack.

We all sat down and the anticipation was electric. I don't have any pictures of the actual musical because it's illegal to take pictures or movies.

Queen's theater in London is so ornate and majestic it makes the whole experience even better.

Me, Hannah, Grace and Jak. This picture makes me laugh. We all look like we're going to pop of excitement. 

And the verdict? AMAAZING. I was vaguely familiar with the music (Thanks Courtney) but hadn't ever seen the musical on stage or the latest movie so it was all new to me. I was thoroughly engaged the whole of the two hours and forty-five minutes it played.

What a great way to farewell London, no?


  1. so cool...i love les mis since seeing in on broadway in high school....have yet to see the movie...enjoying looking in on your travels...

  2. SO INTERESTING AND ENTERTAINING!! Thanks for the wonderful post! Auntie C. xoxo

  3. now you're all ready to see the movie when you come back! AHHH! So jealous! love you!!!

  4. Now you're all ready to see the movie when you come home! :) :) I'm so jealous though that you saw it in London...I LOVE YOU!