Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lindau and Nurnberg, plus random shots of Munich

From Garmish, we moved our HQ to Nurnberg, Germany and from there set out on a day trip to Lindau, a cute little island.

The milky-green of the water continues to fascinate me and I doubt I will ever grow tired of the sight of mountains in the distance.

I braided my hair so I would look more German... I guess that makes sense?

Or maybe it was to impersonate Rapunzel in the town where the fairy tale originated. Here's a tower that proves everything.

The two big tourist spots and admittedly, they're pretty cool, are the lighthouse and the giant lion statue by the harbor. In honor of their coolness and long-standing in the community, I felt the need to pose with them.

We searched for (more) gelato on the orderly cobbled streets beneath a summery sun.

And pretty ducks floated past.

Lindau was how I imagined Alaska would be, wide-open sky and huge blue harbor with random boats. I'll have to test my theories in the future.

Back in Nurnberg, we were on a mission. As a young impressionable teenager, Hannah had visited Nurnberg and had there the best food of her life. It was the Nurnberger bratwurst, a sausage often served three to a bun and traditionally with a spot of mustard. 

We finally found a stand and I waited as Hannah and Grace ordered our food.

It was so delicious! Hot and just a little spicy from the mustard on a lovely hard roll. 

Yay Hannah! Love this girl. 

We found a cute church in between storefronts. Notice the smart car and Volkswagon. Small cars are favored in Europe because of the narrow streets and also to increase parking abilities.

To celebrate one of Grace's last days, we went out to have some traditional German food. We found an adorable, authentic restaurant just across the streets from our hostel in Munich. (Should I be surprised that we found an authentic restaurant in Germany?) Anyway, the food was super tasty! I got a fried slab of pork and a sophisticated version of mac and cheese, plus super yum mushroom gravy. 

A warm-yellow building in the Historical City Center in Munich.

We all split up to do our own thang and I got hilariously lost. Although I was freaked out for a moment that I would have to live as a homeless person in Germany for the rest of my life, I soon found a delightful fair/market that made all the terror worth it.

Especially some double-chocolate icecream next to the horse rides. One adorbs little pony kept bopping his head in time with the rock music playing on another ride.

Random shots. Germany sure was fun, especially since Hannah spoke quite a bit so we could actually communicate. Little did we know what awaited us in Italy. 


  1. I love seeing your impressions of Germany! Thanks for posting :)

  2. Awesome post..... now I can't wait to hear about Italy!!
    Auntie Connie