Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Snapshots of Galway

Sunrise in Galway

The origin of pastels

This is how a dear little tea house lets their milkman know what they need for the day

and there it is, right there! Adorable.

The luminous interior of the Galway Cathedral. In order to have stellar acoustics, the ceiling is constructed of American Pacific red cedar wood. That was expensive to import as I'm sure you can imagine, but I can imagine that it would hearing the organ playing in that church would be stunning.

This has to have been one of my favorite parts of Galway. Aunty Nellie's Sweet shop!

Rows and rows of glass jars stuffed full of candy. Yum! The employees will let you mix and match as much as you want and then weigh it up and make you pay money for it. (That's the only downside.) After that, you get to tote your loot away in a cute striped bag. 

I got some delicious treats, some rum and raisin fudge and toffee mice. Those were my favorite. 

Sorry, I'm a bit behind on posting right now! Try to not keep track of where I am and just enjoy the ride. :) Much love!


  1. oo that sweet shop looks fun...smiles....and beautiful view there as well...

  2. Eep! The sunrise and origin-of-pastels is amazing! I want to be there, just to see that sort of thing. ^.^

  3. Oh man, CANDY. D:<<<< And fabulous pictures. :D Yay!