Friday, March 15, 2013

Just Life I'll Miss

This is a day that I want to remember. It's a day I know I will look back on for years to come, with fondness and probably always wistfulness. I feel like there should be a word for experiencing something you know you will miss later. 

Nothing particularly special happened today. Just joy and sunshine, just waking up late, just Irish rain on the glistening streets of Derry,

(just finding my dream home - all purple!)

just wandering with no schedules, 

just walking without reading maps,

or even street names,

just listening to my old run of albums as I walk new streets,

 just having my tea in a shop on a perfect people-watching corner, 
(yes, that's Jak, I know. We had our tea at the same place.)

along with the most marvelous scone ever made with an indescribable preserve on top,

just finding an adorable old-fashioned key necklace for fifty pence at a Irish thrift store. Nothing life-changing, just the ingredients for a marvelous memory mix.

I'm sitting in our adorable hostel, boots off for the moment. They sure put in their time. Jak is hanging out on the bed opposite. Poor baby keeps caught in unexpected showers (or hailstorms) and gets so cold in this moody Irish weather. You've heard the saying, "Ya don't like the weather? Wait five minutes." No. Joke.

I'm learning a lot about God, but so much of it is hard to express. I need time to process it. Here's one thing I've learned, am learning and will relearn all of my life:

God's word is life. It's the only air available, the only right chemical arrangement for the water of life, the only path to freedom and joy. In the words of my friend Debbie, "DIVE IN HEAD FIRST."

Listening to Jason Walker - Echo


  1. Going in head first with you...

  2. Beautiful, darling. :) I love your view of the world. And that necklace and that purple house. AUGH. SO AWESOME.

    I love you. :)