Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Now, Be Honest

Have you ever...

Set your alarm for 3:20 am just so you could wake up and enjoy the feeling of going back to bed all over again?

Found some jewelry that was totally, completely suited for you?

Compulsively booked-marked two recipes you probably won't make any time soon?

Cooked with eggplant? That was a first for me today. The texture is... odd. I think I'll leave it at that.

Written a sentence that was complete nonsense but you liked it a little so you figured out a way to subtly include it in your blog post? (I'm full-steam ahead, folks, using forks to try and separate the white from the yoke.) I've never done that.

Avoided checking your voicemail for hours on end? And ended up regretting it a lot?

Felt that your thoughts are about as colorless as milk and you could only copy other people's words? (Good thing they're good words.)

Faint not, nor fear, His arms are near
He changeth not, and thou art dear


Listening to Tangled - I See The Light


  1. haha...your words are fine...and yeah on the voice mail...not a big eggplant fan....yep on the texture...so did the alarm go back to be thing work?

  2. Very interesting thoughts.
    Have you ever.... good post idea :)

  3. Jewelry, yup, recipes, I think, yep. Sentences, yes, but only ever really worked them into stories, I think.

    Haven't cooked with eggplant yet... I'm not too excited about it. ^_^

  4. Yes, the early alarm worked wonderfully. It doesn't always, but it did this time. :)

  5. have you ever woken up at two in the morning to shower and hop back in bed because it's just more relaxing than doing it late at night when you are exhausted? i miss doing that...