Friday, June 17, 2011

Stuck On The Gospel

I was in my room, trying to concentrate while I heard chatter upstairs and the piano through the wall on my left. So I went outside into the morning sunshine and got stuck in Luke 2*. Stuck in a good way... stuck on the Gospel kind of good. Two things.

First, Jesus was and is the single most joyful person to enter this world - in Himself, joy in His Father and to us, the hopeless, helpless sinners He redeemed! He is the good news of great joy.

Second and this one made me smile. Looking down at us saints, the angels must shake their heads at how anxious and worried we are. That's why they said, "...on earth, peace among those with whom He is pleased!"

Listen carefully, oh my soul. God is pleased with you. His own Son secured your ransom irreversibly on the excruciating cross. Jesus died and dragged all your sins and failures with Him to the grave. Jesus rose to clothe you in royal robes and lead you into the Holy of Holies. Even now, His voice repeats your name as He prays for you.

Oh my soul, be at peace. Give glory to God in the highest and be at peace.


Listening to Red - Hide

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