Monday, May 30, 2011

Not A Drive-By Healer

Jesus is not a minute-clinic doctor. He's not a drive-by healer. I'm not saying He can't work quickly and I'm most definitely not ruling out miracles, but He, the Author and Keeper of time, likes to use it to teach us dependence.

Most recovery and actual changes take a long time. We have to have God's strength to keep coming back to wait on him. Does that sound like circular reasoning? The reasoning is God's strength. We can't do anything on our own and what's more, we weren't made to handle this struggles of life on our own either.

We don’t like to wait and when we think of waiting we are apt to respond with the pun, “Wait? That’s what made the bridge collapse!” Of course, that’s weight, not wait. But then these two words, weight and wait are not always unrelated because one of our needs in waiting on the Lord is the need to cast the weighty burdens of life on Him.
-Mark Wheeler

For a very thorough helpful article on this, read here. I'm not good at waiting. Sometimes I think I am and sometimes I'm better at it than other times. Lately, I've failed pretty miserably. But I'm keeping on... and I know I'm in a better place because I've realized that Jesus is the only solution for my brokenness. Beth Moore would say, "Sometimes it's more important to get to know your Healer than it is to get healed."


Listening to Relient K - Forward Motion

412 my sister Esther tucking me in at night
413 late night talks with Joseph
414 buying a bible for a soldier in the navy
415 happy family noise from the diningroom above me
416 creamy earl gray tea
417 shampoo
418 the hopefulness of early morning sunshine
419 lily of the valley for my residents tucked in a pocket of my backpack as I bike to work
420 a cool breeze on a sweaty back

421 not hearing what people yell at me from their cars when I'm biking
422 sister dates
423 that He is able to make me who He wants me to be
424 the little nods runners give as they pass each other
425 warm downs after exercising
426 P90X
427 Ryan Kelly's voice
428 being able to choose gratitude
429 cleaning to techno music
431 my friend Adrienne and her taste in music
432 curly chimney smoke on a gray morning
433 spilling only half a glass of OJ
434 knee wraps


  1. true that statement about more important to get to know your healer than be healed..the scipt on the man lowered through the roof is a prime example...

  2. Amen. Something that God keeps teaching me again and again, but I always forget. Great post. =)