Sunday, December 12, 2010

Never Damaged Goods

Last weekend, I told God that I wanted to go through one week and come back to the worship service without having to say 'I'm sorry' for unbelieving days.

Well, it wasn't this week. I had more than three or four days of real discouragement and defeat. I wrote in my journal these lyrics from Keith Green.

my eyes are dry
my faith is old
my heart is hard
my prayers are cold
and I know how I ought to be -
alive to you and dead to me

I know this concept might sound like legalism, which I am not recommending, but I believe there's a place for goals in a Christian's life. Just like an athlete needs to plan out and make time for training before running a marathon, I need to actively believe God's promises and act on them.

Every morning I sit before my God and tell him how things are. He is my God of encouragement and endurance. With God, we shall do valiantly. When I do fail, fall off the wagon and start living shallowly (as my friend Erin would say), God does not value me less. I don't go into the Damaged Goods bin with a 'marked down' sticker on my forehead. His grace is never ending. I remain on the mantlepiece, a treasured, redeemed work of his hands, given yet another opportunity to show off his grace.

Sometimes, I'm convinced this is what it's all about - showing off his perfection through my flaws. I'm broken, see? But the light of the grace holding me together shines through the cracks on my surface.

Father, a new week is here. Whatever it takes, be glorified in me.


Listening to Leeland - Lift Your Eyes

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  1. I'll pray for you. *squish* Being unperfect is painful. XP