Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snowed In

It's almost official folks. We're snowed in. Started snowing yesterday night at ten and is tapering off just now. It's supposed to be about 14.9 inches. Craziness.

Ok, hair stuff. I've been growing it out for awhile, so it was really long around the face. See in this picture. That made it hard to wear down. Jak trimmed layers around my face and a little around the sides so I wouldn't have a triangular hair style. Jak says it makes me look younger. That made me laugh. When I take pictures with flash, I still have red tint in my hair, even though I dyed it red over six months ago. Okay. The end. Have a nice life! I don't know when I'll emerge from this cave of my house... probably sometime in March or April.


Listening to Lenka - We Will Not Grow Old


  1. Yaaaaay, pretty pretty curls. <3 It looks so golden. =)

  2. They? They look so golden... ^_^_^_^ I think I was thinking 'hair' when I wrote that sentence, instead of 'curls.' ^_^