Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well, just to avoid any confusion (thanks to my post title), I did not ride a tricycle twenty-two miles this morning. I rode a big bike. A huge one! Well, before I get carried away, lemme explain. I apologize quite profusely (and still feel guilty) that there are no pictures. I'll do my best to describe the epic moments for you.

I had to get trained in CPR for my job and I wanted to do it anyway. Is it okay that I add things that I've already done to my bucket list? Well, I would've added CPR training to the list, because I've felt the terror of being in an emergency medical situation and knowing nothing. Now, I feel more prepared.

Anyway, I was going to CPR training and was planning to bike because I thought it was closer than it was. After mapping it google-style, I discovered it was... far. Epicly far. Okay, just 10.9 miles, but still. I'd almost decided to take the van and Mum was a little dubious too. Finally, I decided that I'd just do it. The worst thing that could happen was I'd die. Second worse, I'd have muscle spasms and not make it to my training. Third worse, I would get completely lost. None of these really scared me, so off I went. I left an hour and twenty minutes to get there.

The sun shone and the road went up and down. I rode and rode, avoiding cars, Mack trucks and roadkill. Somehow I survived.

I was really tired on the way home, though (after two hours of training) and barely made it up some of the hills. I DIDN'T WALK, though. Not once. Once home, I've been hungry ever since and a lil crabby too. =P Not so much tired as a little sore and tight.

The end. I love this world. I think I will transition away from centering all my posts in the middle. It's a little unnatural.


Listening to Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

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