Thursday, March 18, 2010

What what - kids?

A note I wrote myself on receipt tape when I was at work one day. Then I taped it up in my room and when I saw the sunshine (did you hear that! I said SUNSHINE) coming down onto it, I just had to take a picture.

It's SPRING! I'm so happy. I love it when the sun is out, warming everything, but the air is still cool and the little breezes are still brisk.

In case you didn't know, God, YOU MADE A BEAUTIFUL WORLD!

This morning, I had a brunch at IHOP with Courtney and then we went shopping at Goodwill. Now I'm going to go put a load in the wash, then go to see Kiddo, Princess, Prince and Baby! After that I'm going to babysit again, with my little sisters.

How's your Thursday going? All the advice I can give is pray and eat more spinach.


Listening to Demi Lovato - La La Land


  1. I ate spinach for dinner! Happy spring! It's summer here. ^_^

  2. that was such a fun day. I've been wearing my new favorite sweatshirt straight for the past three days (or however many days it's been since Thursday :D) I LOVE it!

  3. hey hey little sister. i like the new main picture. it was awesome talking to you and seeing you today!!! hope you have a great wednesday. i know i did. :P