Saturday, December 5, 2009

Little Ducks

At Kohls today, there was a mother with two little girls following her around; one was four, the other two, with a nuke prominently displayed in her mouth. I saw them twice, once by the picture frames and then by the rugs. I almost offered to get her a stroller cart so she wouldn't be slowed down by them, but both times, I heard her gently encourage them along.
I just loved how she said it - I could feel her nurturing spirit and it just made me pink with joy. Seriously, I didn't have the heart to get her a cart. How could I?

Another mom rescued her crying child locked in a bathroom stall. Maybe I'm just young at heart (seventeen for nine more days!), but I can easily enter in the trauma of being trapped alone in a strange bathroom after being given the mission of going to the bathroom on my own.

Just remember = DON'T PANIC.
It'll turn out - like a waffle - crispy golden-delicious.
Enjoy the process.

Listening to The Fray - Look After You

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