Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Bow Without Arrows

God has a bow with which he might shoot out his arrows of destruction; but see! it is turned upward. It is a bow without an arrow or a string; it is a bow hung out for show, no longer used for war. It is a bow of many colors, expressing joy and delight, and not a bow blood-red with slaughter, or black with anger.

Let us be of good courage.

(more from the Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith)

I've been praying for courage today. God promises that he will renew strength to those who wait on him. He promises that those who war against me will be as nothing at all. For he, the Lord my God, holds my right hand and it is he who says to me, "Fear not, for I am the one who helps you."

What a glorious thing! As a Christian, I have the ability and beautiful responsibility to be unfazed by anything, because my destiny is secure in God.



  1. ooo i like the way you talked about a rainbow being without arrows. :) good new perspective, thanks Ruthiey!

  2. Ditto. That was rather genius, thinking of it as a bow...