Saturday, April 18, 2009


Salmagundi is a word meaning a collection of things, primary because this post is a hodge-podge-mish-mash.

1)Mary's blog post is something you should read, plus Theocentrica's comments below.

"And so, brothers and sisters, we must keep our goals in mind with the unshakable purpose and insistent perseverance of Inigo Montoya."

2) This music video is something you should watch. Mostly because Don't Stop Me Now is James McAvoy's favorite song and McFly is generally 6.2 on the cuteness scale. Watch for the unspoken, especially funny warning against wearing saggy pants when the lead singer leaps off the piano.

3) This is something you should think about.

Marriage is usually thought of as a very happy occasion, which it is. But marriage itself isn't what will make us happy. You're only as happy in your marriage as you were before it.

Think about that.

If you imagine that that amazing person you're going to marry is going to complete you, dream on. If you aren't satisfied in who God made you and what he gave you to do, getting married won't help a bit. In fact, putting all that pressure on your partner to fulfill you, will make your marriage strained and disappointing.

No human being can't complete you. Not One. Work it out with God before you look to marriage.

4) Two proverbs to send you off.

"God can steer a ship that's moving." (Pastor Piper, on doing something while waiting for God's direction)

"Your odds go up when you file an application." (Angelina from Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, on not letting fear stifle your chances at life.)

Farewell. I go to rake the lawn.



  1. Thanks for that. I need a good whack on the head. I liked your post. =) *squish* I love you.

  2. Thanks. I appreciate the thought about marriage. and the link to the blog post.
    <3 you.

  3. That's Joseph Paulson's nickname for me. I'm going to release a clothing line by that name in late 2027, with a gangster line called Thubsters.