Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ruthiey ken dew it!

Hey, I did it! I passed my latest Dantes test with a 425 (the required passing grade is 400).

Afterwards, Joseph and I went to Panera. I shook thirteen packets of sugar into my coffee. It was awkward. I hate using the little packets because I use so much that it takes forever and I'm just standing there, ripping them and shaking them out. Yeah.

They had good music at Old Navy, but I didn't get anything. I love the brand, but I don't like to buy it new. Besides, all the clothing designers out there decided that bright, solid colors are the official "Thing" for the season. Unfortunately for them and all their sales scheming, my style is not like that. I'm into the fall-toned colors; including shades of brown, dark reds, golds, greens and tan. Pretty sweet.

Oh, and now that Warrick is dead, my new favorite CSI character is Greg Sanders. ^_^


  1. I look best in fall colors, too. But I like colorful stuff. Like, I found these REALLY COOL socks online that are totally insane. And, man... Yeah.

    You know, those tiny packets of sugar are moronic. I mean, seriously... If you have to open that many for one cup, something is seriously wrong. Sometimes it makes you wonder if the people who make these things actually use them.

  2. 13 packets seems a little overkill to me... XD