Thursday, February 16, 2012

Brothers, Stars and Songs

Most of my posts lately have been random collections of thoughts. Here again, three rather unrelated musings.

My little brother Joshua is coming over today! Well, he's technically not related to me, but I love every visit from this busy little guy. When I ask him whether I'm his big sister, he says I am. He's a brilliant little guy and I love that he can be part of our family every once in awhile. Props to my Mummy for making our home an open, peaceful place. I've felt so often that my home is a refuge and safe place because God abides here.

Wheeling my bike out of the garage after work yesterday, I was about to put in my earbuds, when I paused. In the quiet of the night, the reigning beauty of stars above, I felt God's presence so strongly. I didn't listen to my Ipod but prayed on the way back instead. "The Lord is good to all and his mercy is over all that he has made.*" His mercy to us is that he is Emmanuel - God with us - bending down to hear our prayers and delight in being our joy. 

Have you ever heard someone say that many modern worship songs could be turned into love songs just by switching out the name Jesus with Susie or Sally? I discovered a twist on that. The love song Everything But You by Brian McFadden is a song which with some slight changes, almost exactly echoes this verse from Mark.

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?*

Here are some of the lyrics (I capitalized the you for demonstration purposes):

Now I've got nothing I've got nothing
If I've got everything but You
We had something that I've been missing
Since I've got everything, everything but You
Everything, everything but You

You know I got so much
Nothing's worth enough
To put a price on us

Fascinating, no? There's a longing that God places in every heart that he alone can fill. 

Here's something my brilliant sister Esther just said, "Everything's dustier when the sun is out." Think about that one.


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  1. def think that mod love songs could be worship as well...and how cool your divine moments riding back too when the universe provided your music...