Thursday, August 4, 2011

We're Going To Start Off With "Bye!'

Prepare for a lovely, jumbled post. :)

  • gives me a valid excuse to chain listen to David Cook and House of Heroes songs
  • adds some much needed stress to my life (I kid, I kid)
  • kills my social life (sorry bible study group...)
  • excuses me to soak up some good ol' vitamin D while reading textbooks
  • helps me stay huuuuuuumble... 'cause at one point, I thought I was a proficient writer...
  • best of all - creates reasons for me to bullet-point in a post - OH JOY

Well, that's all for school talk. I suspect it bores you to hear about it as much as it bores me to do it. *scandalous*

My family was leaving for a day-cation and my clever sis wrote me this note.

We the people, to Ruthiey,
we're going to start off with "Bye!"
"We love you," for the middle. :)
and in closing; "See you soon!" Love, Esther

It still makes me smile.

I also wanted to share this piece from Spurgeon. I promise you, when I meet him in heaven, I'm going to give Spurgeon a big ol' hug. He struggled with gout and depression and had very difficult times in his ministry as a pastor and his everyday life (his wife was very sick), but he pressed on. Because he saw the big picture, he faithfully wrote a lot of beautiful things that have blessed, encouraged and convicted me, not to mention all the other people in times past. That being said, if you ever get a chance to read Spurgeon, take it. It is worth it.

I like him because he uses metaphors and since I liveandbreathe metaphors, he's right up my alley. :D Some writers from past time periods are hard to read, like... taking it three pages at a time is still mind-explosive and you have to re-read five times - Spurgeon is not like that. He's a clear and passionate writer. This is from his little book We Endeavour.

There is far too much teaching, nowadays, that will not comfort a mouse. You might hear it to all eternity and never be relieved of a single ounce of the burden of life. You might come in and out of the house of God and you might perhaps say, "Yes, it is very pretty." but what is that to a man who has the burden of life to carry and the battle of life to fight?

But when you hear the glorious gospel of the blessed God, it lifts you up out of your discouragements and makes you say, after all, "It is worthwhile to live, it is worthwhile to suffer, it is worthwhile to press forward; for we will see the great love the Lord has towards us and what good things He has laid up in store for them that love him." The Word of the Lord is like a fire, for it warms and comforts the hearts of his people.
Pray that blessed you like it did me! Anyone else excited for Friday tomorrow?!


Listening to House Of Heroes - Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da

thankful for -
508 emails from my babysitting kids
509 biking on fresh blacktop
510 discovering I like country music
511 school calenders
512 a hot day with cool breeze in the shade
513 waking up in a good mood
514 that little time between getting into bed and sleeping when I tell God things
515 getting my shift covered so I can go to a friend's wedding
516 pool hair
517 the way my mum calls my little sister 'babycakes'
518 beautiful earrings from Bialy
519 confessions, herbing and fly soup with Vicki
520 Jak having a safe motorcycle ride


  1. nice. love me some metaphors as well...enjoy school while it lasts one day a job will give you similar feelings...ha. have a great weekend!

  2. enjoyed it reading
    yes agree with brian

  3. your last 2 posts have made me smile! LOVED reading the Spurgeon excerpt. woah! :)