Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dreamer, Breathe

Just finished watching Amazing Grace. That movie makes me want to do something that matters. I want to dream big dreams and attempt things that everyone says are idiotic. I want to fight evil and darkness and spread the Light that is dawning.

My spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak.

Sometimes I feel as though I'm two people. One wants so badly to dream and do and be and the other is dragging, hindering, depressing me, squashing the Dreamer inside. You wouldn't think being a dreamer would be so hard. It scares me to death. Maybe it's a good death. Maybe the thing dying is my suffocating fear. I want to take wild risks more than I want to be safe.

Tonight, I'm fighting to let the Dreamer breathe.



  1. perhaps when paul talks of the thorn in his flesh he understands, i know that i do...breathe dreamer....

  2. Man, sometimes I'm amazed at the things you come up with. They make perfect sense, but I never, ever thought of it that way. Or even considered of thinking of it that way. =P

    I totally agree. And you manage to put it into brilliant words that make sense.

  3. Love this, because I've felt this exact way after watching that same movie. (Such a powerful, beautiful, inspiring movie, isn't it?)

    Whenever someone says something is impossible, ignore them. God works in amazing ways.

  4. P.S. Including if that person who says things are impossible is yourself. :)