Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Memories - Fitting and Starting

I've been feeling this incredible sense of gratitude for God's present grace in my life. I know there will come a time when all five of us youngest won't be sitting together for family worship anymore, but while that makes me a little sad, I'm so thankful to have it right now!
I would also just like to declare Joseph the man of the hour. Thank you for rescuing me when I was heading out to church and the car wouldn't start. You dah man!

I've been writing up my testimony and will be posting that later. Until then, have a terrific Tuesday!

Listening to Seabird - Falling For You

258 writing while listening to Owl City
259 a piano arrangement of an amazing song
260 God's invitation for us to follow him
261 my weekend off
262 rediscovering a favorite song
263 not getting stopped by the police
264 sparkly red dresses
265 watching how to train a dragon snuggled up with a two-year-old
266 that I can cast all my cares on him because he cares for me
267 brand new socks
268 God making some things new even here on this broken earth

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  1. It's amazing how grown up everyone in your family is getting. It's wonderful. =)