Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Haopppppy Biorthday to the Blog!

Exactly two years ago, I wrote my first post on this blog. I've grown and changed so much since then and I've loved the journey. I've had so much fun in the blogging world! I would like to thank two particular people for being so awesome. Gina, for always commenting and being so encouraging. I love you! Vicki, for helping me pick the name for my blog and being such an understanding and generally astoundingly inspiring person. I love you too!

Furthermore, because of Gina's post, I joined, which I hiiiiiiiiiighly recommend. It's this ridiculously cool and inspiring website. I joined the challenge for February to write 750 every single day. We'll see how that goes. ^_^

Take time to notice God in every moment. He's there.


Listening to Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River

179 breakfast with Jak, Esther and Babs
180 God being the God of endurance and encouragement
181 fresh hot baquette with butter
182 grapefruit patterned frost on the windshield
183 the baby in the row ahead of me in church
184 being able to challenge and encourage my friends with truth
185 the snow clearing crews
186 mounds of fresh, drifting snow
187 the draft box for text messages
188 my brother's cologne

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    Everyone should join It is AWESOME. Yes.

    This post is major win. Probably because it mentions me. Wow, that's not at all self absorbed, is it? Hahaha.

    You're awesome. =D