Monday, February 2, 2009

"I don't believe in fairies. I don't. I don't!"

I was thinking about those who were yelling, "I don't believe in fairies. I don't. I don't." whilst the daring Peter Pan was yelling that he, "Do believe in fairies! He - er, I do! I do!"

Mr. Darcy, until Elizabeth gently cured him of that.

The White Witch, unless she could somehow turn them to stone.

The Queen of Hearts would scream "Off with their heads!" and that would be the end of it.

Sauron would send his Mouth of course, who would grin grotesquely.

Sir Percival Blakeney would declare, "Odd's fish, my dear fellow, the idea is quite absurd."

Vizzini from Princess Bride "Inconceivable!"

Cruella de Vil would condemn them for not having fur.

And me, of course. ^_^


  1. yay! a Ruthiey-blog!

    Han Solo would blast them to pieces and then say, "Sorry for the mess."


  2. *DIIIIIIIESSSS* That is BRILLIANT. *dies again* Man. You're hilarious. *dies a third time* Man. Seriously, write more.