Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ginger Pear Bread and Dessert Hummus

I made Ginger Pear Bread for a neighbor who had helped us snow blow our driveway after our recent fourteen inches. The recipe turned out really well! It's a light bread, citrus-y and full of lovely chunks of pear and delicately flavored with ginger. I definitely recommend it. Recipe by Baker By Night here.

Here's the loaf all packaged and ready to go.
So yeah, math was done, but it wasn't a top priority as you can see. I was scribbling recipes down in my math notebook. =P But the end result was totally worth it.

I made cinnamon raisin hummus... . I definitely recommend this! It even makes raw carrots yummy... kinda like candy! I'm so thankful for a mum who lets me experiment in the kitchen.

So, I would stay and blather, but I have to run off to work. God bless!


Listening to Alexander Rybak - Europe's Skies (a friend posted this song on facebook today and I've been obsessively listening to it all morning. that's exactly what I want to do 1) be a super cheerful person 2) travel 3) take pictures of people)


  1. it 'even' makes raw carrots yummy? fresh raw carrots are amazing!

    that loaf looks delicious. I've never had a pear bread before.

  2. Yeah, raw carrots are amazing! (Unless they're dried out and rubbery, yuck.)

    Also, the bread looks absolutely amazing. I want some. ^_^

  3. have a great day at work...both of these sound delicious...will pass them over to the cook in our fam to give them a try...

  4. Love. That. Song.

    And yay! looks good! Although, I'm a little bit dubious of the hummus, but if you swear it's good....

  5. I'll have to try both those recipes, one of these days-- maybe when pears come in season. I imagine the dessert hummus made the carrots taste a little like carrot cake. But I'll just have to find out for myself. ^_^