Thursday, December 16, 2010

worry does not glorify

panic bounces off walls,
ceilings of my mind
its wild arcs speed
and shorten as logic
folds in like the
Star Wars' garbage machine
i can't stand to
be alone and yet
i feel as if
i must be alone

i hear Avril Lavigne
on my iPod now
angry music partly plugs
my need for outlet
she'll talk for me
i am small and
the world is big
but I'm not afraid
of anything
- strike that
I'm afraid of everything

I send a text
to a heart-friend
I don't have to
filter my words when
i talk to her
but sometimes i can't
filter my own thoughts
to a plausible order
so i breathe again
just loosening the panic

running over the surface
becoming who i am
i know this tension
will run its course
and i'll be okay
worry does not glorify
the God In Control
Abba Father, once again
you are everything
i hoped you'd be


Listening to Bebo Norman - I Hope You See Jesus

1 comment:

  1. I prayed for you today. I hope you figure things out. Being chaotic is... well, confusing. XP I love you. You're awesome.