Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ze Poemtry

the Heal of the Beautiful Monkey

became what was lauded about
as the Heel of the Fradulent Turnkey

and that took a turn to the left
as the Peal of the Marvelous Trumpcard

that dealt away, then turned up
as the Peel of the Meticulous Chard

growing slowly but surely, larger and greener,
as the Wheal of a Gangrenous Old Snip

which festered and stank til it nearly sank
as the Wheel of the Unwieldy Ship


  1. OMG. SHIP! And a wacky poem. I can't say it's bad, but it sure is weird. I like the part about what I at first thought was a turkey. And I keep thinking so.. but it actually turns out to be a turnkey. Anyway, the turnkey rocks. ^_^ XD

  2. Did you use some sort of weird translation algorithm for the phrase?

  3. LOL! thanks for making me laugh. <3

  4. @Galadrial - the only translation used was the uncertain filter of my mind

    @Tasia - it's a play on words. it doesn't make logical sense. ^_^