Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Everything Bitter Is Sweet."

One who is full loathes honey; but to the hungry soul
everything bitter is sweet.
Psalm 27:7

Why do people go after things that are obviously bitter? Why do girls sleep with guys that they know don't care about them and won't be there the next morning? Because they're empty, hungry and searching. If God is not an option, if Jesus is not beautiful, then relationships, money, drugs, and illicit sex become obsessions. People try to find satisfaction, chewing and sucking on chokecherries because they're so empty and hungry. And it does taste sweet to them.

It helps me understand the people around me a little bit more. Although they are responsible for what they do, they're not necessarily delibrately choosing things that will hurt and degrade them. They just haven't seen God as the precious, beautiful, delicious God he is.

I want to live my life so full of God that I won't have to chase after the world to fill me. I do, though. I lose sight of what I already have; I miss God in the little things. I somehow obscure the grand vision he has for my life with my own fear and pride. I'm God's Beloved. I shouldn't believe what the sick, hungry world tells me is good. They have no idea.


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  2. this was awesome and deeply insightful. i wonder, however, if ppl honestly KNOW in their hearts that what they are doing will harm them and will not satisfy their souls. romans 1 says that what can be known about God is plain and even though ppl know God, they suppress the truth anyhow. they're stuck in self-destruction and they know full well what they're doing! that puts evangelism in a different light. only God can break through the wall of unrelenting pride and rebellion. oh how we must pray!
    feel free to agree, disagree, reply or not. =)

  3. v. good insight. something I need to keep in mind.
    'and just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, He gave them over to a depraved mind...'

  4. wow, that was amazing. it's so true. Pascal once said that "there is a God-shaped vacuum in every heart and only Christ can fill it" or something like to that effect. I liked this part the best: "I shouldn't believe what the sick, hungry world tells me is good. They have no idea."

  5. that was absolutely beautiful Ruthiey. You are a wise women

  6. I wish I was better at giving people honey...

  7. Point them to God. Live for God. They'll be jealous enough to seek out real life for themselves.