Thursday, August 11, 2011

Call Me Old Fashioned...

...but I think wedding dresses should be modest. I follow several photography blogs and I find it a little odd, not to mention distracting when the bride is wearing a dress where there's pretty much only one focus and it's up there. I would like to know how she talked herself into picking that dress and why her mother and sisters and fiancee(!) approved. I can't look at any of the pictures without feeling uncomfortable. I wonder...

Isn't the bride wearing white supposed to demonstrate purity? And if you're going to be "out there" at your wedding, what does that say about the rest of your life? When does purity begin? Is purity valued anymore? You do realize that these are your wedding pictures, right? You plan to display them in your house and put them in a scrapbook and show them to your kids one day, right?

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for sexiness. I think it's extremely important for women to embrace their sexuality. It's a ridiculously amazing gift from God, but key words are right time and place. And those only coincide in one place - with your husband in private.

Here's an example of a dress I love (and am filing away for future reference ^_^). I'd love to hear any thoughts you have about this! How do you feel when you see an immodest bride?


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  1. Love the top part of that dress! The bottom half isn't so much my style, but the top part is gorgeous. And modest. Which, I agree, is so important! I don't understand girls who dress fairly modestly in their everyday life and then buy immodest wedding dresses, as if it's their one chance to have an excuse to show it off, or something like that. Besides, modest does not equal frumpy or ugly, as that dress you posted proves!

  2. I agree on the modestly thing ... esp. cause most of your family {relatives included} will be there to witness your wedding day! Save the sass for the lingerie and wedding night :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  3. right time right place is a great policy to adhere to...yeah, it is all about them already...and better to have a nice package for the groom to unwrap than to give everything out as party favors...

  4. ha, brian!

    a wedding photographer once told me it's much easier to get good photos of couples who've waited for each other. and that you can always tell who they are. they pretty much can't stop smiling.

  5. I like the way you put that, Brian.

    I think the modest wedding dresses are just so much more gorgeous. They're slightly old-fashioned looking (which I really like, I hate that every single modern wedding dress is strapless and just seems to have no variety from the next one... they just all look the same!) and lovely.

    I also have a folder full of wedding dresses that I like, so I know what I want when/if I get married. And the top of one of them looks almost identical to the top of the one you posted (which I love). =)

  6. I L-O-V-E that dress! I've been to a boatload of weddings this summer with more to come, and I've seen a *nice* variety. Sadly, most people nowadays do not expect modesty down the aisle. Marriage here on earth is supposed to be a picture of our marriage to the Lord...that includes this rare thing called "purity". You're doing a great job of letting the world (at least us) know where you stand--keep it up!

  7. I agree whole-heartedly! As someone working alongside the fashion industry (alterations specialist and seamstress), I see many really disgusting outfits connected with weddings. There's a gigantic double-standard in which people seem to think that formal-wear permits various states of undress. None of it is flattering. Selling one's soul for one's body...
    (I could talk about this all day. I shall now bow out of your combox. ;))

  8. i feel the same. why would you wait till the last moment possible to expose yourself in public? i think my future husband would thank me more for covering myself so that he can't wait to get home after the wedding...