About Me

I'm Ruthiey, a twenty-year-old just finished my BA in Communications degree. I work as a nursing assistant. I have curly hair, green eyes and messy eyebrows. I love




and my sister Jak. 

I also love: 
kids of all ages, from birth to whenever,
all my ridiculously cool, thoughtful, delightful friends,
music - I like something from almost every genre and I have a policy of giving songs a chance -
peanut butter, almond butter and real butter, goat cheese,  
baking, cooking with the above mentioned ingredients, 
my bike,
breathing fresh air and pushing my body to its limits,
sunrises and sunsets,
my seven crazy-amazing siblings and two fabulous parents,
and my really big church and its pastors, who love and worship God.

By far the most important in my life is my Savior Jesus Christ. He has given me everything I have and made me everything I am. I owe him my life. My blog name Color My Life With Love is a prayer. I'm asking him to show me his love for me, how I should love myself and how I can share his love with others. I want my life to be a love song.

I'm far from perfect. But my perfect God is able to finish the work he started in me.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I'd love to hear any comments you have. Email me at colormylifewithlove (at) blogspot (dot) com.