Friday, March 25, 2011

What It's Not About

eyelash suspended on a computer screen
still on the couch, unable to fit my mind around
everything still on the list
and the list, the list paralyzes -
not benign
nearing volatile -
this is not about me
but the intersection of life
just got plugged with the traffic
of confusion and despair
Traffic Director, I need you.
listening again and again
to a singer and his song
trying to negate the lies
with a taser of truth


Listening to Tenth Avenue North - You Are More

::this is not about what you've done - but what's been done for you,
this is not about where you've been - but where your brokenness brings you to,
this is not about what you feel, but what he felt to forgive you,
what he felt to make you loved::


  1. mmm..nice...taser of truth, what a turn...traffic resonates as i am in NYC right now and did a boat load of walking in it today...

  2. i like that you called life an "intersection". great imagery. want to put my poem on your wall? you have to ask?? i'm honoured to be a part of your life. :)

  3. <3
    "Not unto us, O Lord, but unto you be the glory."