Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Airplane Picture

You can't really tell I'm in an airplane bathroom, but there ya go. Just like I promised.

Tonight is a weird night. I have so much school and so much work and so many dreams to chase that my life threatens to be swallowed by any of them. What to choose? The stuff I'm required to do (school and work) suck up all my energy so that I can't always force myself to invest time in my true dreams.

I'm sitting cross-legged on the heating vent in the kitchen my laptop cord looped across my shoulders, typing on my laptop. I was heading downstairs but I got distracted. The warming of spring took a sudden sopping chill of rain and snow. I have wedding pictures to edit and decide between and delete. I feel overwhelmed. I didn't realize that being a photographer would take so much more time in front of the computer screen. Today was a good day. I didn't get much done, but that's okay. I miss people. I miss my family in Georgia. I hope they soak up the sunshine and I'll try to remember what it felt like to sit and bask in gold without goosebumps up and down my thighs and forearms.

I hope winter is over soon, but I'm savoring the change and I'm savoring the things that stay the same. I'm glad I'll probably still be living at home at least til the end of the year because of school. When I stop to reflect, this is a time in my life that I absolutely treasure. I love being in a place where I totally belong, where I can see my amazing younger brothers and sisters everyday, where I have my own room, where surrounded by the books and decoration and furniture that I grew up with, where I've spent some intense and amazing times with God. God does all things well. I have nothing but praise for everything he does.


Listening to Anberlin - Paperthin Hymn

296 Daddio reading Matthew in the wee hours of the morning
297 biking home with the wind at my back
298 a multi-vitamin that gives me 100% of my daily value of B12
299 nailclippers
300 that he is a God who brings truth to light
301 praying with my family
302 finding an old book about flower faires
303 having eleven bookshelves full of books
304 having plenty of work in this economy
305 today
306 borrowing Jak's Hello Kitty barrette
307 making it safely to work
308 a dark chocolate Lindor
309 my little sister helping me with math
310 winter oranges
311 a mother who lets me experiment in the kitchen
312 long slow evenings to make tea and popcorn
313 hearing my brother Joseph laugh from the other room


  1. I just read your profile information and found a lot of parallels: I'm also an unpredictable introvert, middle child, and strange sense of humor…we are living in parallel worlds!

    Keep writing!


  2. glad you end the day on praise....nice pic...maybe they can bottle some of the georgia sun for you and send it your way...winter will be on its way soon enough...now go get some work done...smiles.

  3. I'm so proud of you for being a wedding photographer!!
    I played the piano for a wedding last Saturday.
    That makes us awesome and joined at the hip, that we both are able to provide a valuable service at people's happy days. :D

  4. Awesomesauce. And good job on the list. =)