Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beautiful Everyday

like a bride
putting on her make-up
stepping into her dress
arranging her hair
like a bride
You make me beautiful everyday
give my face gladness*
clothe me in the joy of my salvation*
set my heart on things above*
like a bride
I'm Your bride


Listening to Lisa Kelly - May It Be

284 successful shopping ventures
285 7-UP to make sick tummies feel better
286 sick siblings coming back to life
287 the luscious sparkling curve of a snowbank
288 encouraging writers
289 writing about people in the coffee shop with Jak
290 Beatrix Potter
291 the immune system
292 hunting down the dust bunnies and old birthday cards from under my bed
293 eating with a spork
294 a warm drink on a sore throat
295 the night sky streaked with creamy gray clouds


  1. smiles. yes...if only more saw that...particularly ladies who struggle with feeling beautiful...