Sunday, November 7, 2010

High Heels and Playing Favorites

I like heels. I think I like them because my feet don't gain weight so I can always count on my shoes to be cute. I like heels when they peep out from under boot-cut jeans and complete the look of a skirt and tights. I try not to worry about being too tall when I wear them. I love wearing them shopping and to the library.

Sometimes, though, wearing heels is the last thing I want to do. It's usually when I'm tired and stressed or going somewhere dull. Also, when I wear them for long periods of time, they put pressure on the ball of my foot. Pretty soon it's difficult to stand up. I once wore heels to an eight hour shift at Kohls. Not my most inspired moment.

I have no idea why I'm writing this post about heels. Maybe because my sister suggested it when I asked her for a blog post idea. Maybe I should write a book, The Positives and Negatives of Wearing Heels. How unbelievably tedious.

Well, good morning everyone. I'm on... day five of writing every day on my blog. A-okay, thus far. Sometimes, I really dlslike that I work on Sunday mornings. My day feels incomplete without worship and a sermon.

One of my residents told me today I was her favorite. Something inside me just hates that. My friend Kari (also a nursing assistant and now a nurse) told me not to play the favorites game. I'm there to take care of her. I'm not there to be her best friend. I might compromise on things she doesn't want to do if I'm worried about pleasing her. I do want to be kind, gracious and thoughtful but I'm not going to pick her as my favorite. I don't want her good opinion to be the basis for my decisions. If I invest too much pride in being her favorite, when she withdraws her approval because of something she dislikes that I have to do, I'll be tempted to give into her, or adjust things so she can be happier with me.

My little sisters are chilling on my bed listening to Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift on my Ipod. I'm gonna head upstairs and play Quibble with the Fam. This day has been filled with much sugar, including fudge and brownies. The Salted Carmel Brownies were scrumptious, btw, albeit very rich. I'm determined to perfect my carmel sauce.

Farewell all!


Listening to Bebo Norman - What Child Is This
(p.s. I promise this post was written yesterday! I just didn't get to post it last night.)


  1. I've always been rather paranoid about the whole favorites thing. It's really hard not to do it sometimes. It's so subconscious.

    Yay, brownies! I still have to find the perfect, ridiculously chewy recipe.

    On the topic of perfection, I should write. (I'm not sure how that connects, but whatever. XD) Must beat Chicago! XD

  2. if i can wear heels, you never need to worry... just sayin'