Monday, November 8, 2010

Give An Address, Any One

I've been studying all day. I'll blame my odd frame of mind on that. Here was the funniest quote I read all day.

During World War I, Lord Balfour, Great Britain's foreign secretary, was supposed to be the main speaker at a rally in the US. Unfortunately, the introduction went on for 45 minutes. Almost as an afterthought, the introductory speaker said, "Now Lord Balfour will give his address." Lord Balfour rose. "I'm supposed to give my address in the brief time remaining. Here it is: 10 Carleton Gardens, London, England."

In further news, I'm excited to be going to Bible study tonight. I'm bringing the brownies we couldn't finish yesterday. ...I think I've mentioned brownies in every post thus far.

Reading Chelsea Gentry - Hello

(Chelsea was my babysitter when I was like five and I totally adore her. She's the best. Ever.)

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  1. Yumm, brownies!

    I made pumpkin muffins (with REAL pumpkin--they turned out way less orange than with canned pumpkin, heh) and bacon (I LOVE BACON SO MUCH >.<) and scrambled eggs (I tried putting in sour cream instead of cream or milk, and it tasted pretty good!). I love breakfast. It's so fun. You're up in the morning before everyone else, and making muffins (BLUEBERRY! <3) or eggbake... *happy sigh*