Friday, May 24, 2013


Finally, it was time to send Grace home.

Farewelling one of her and Jak's favorite things - vending machines!

One fewer member to our group, we traveled eleven hours to Berlin. We had some surreal moments at this isolated train station. 

A memorial in Berlin.

The Holocaust memorial was another powerful place.

Me standing right above Hitler's war bunker where he killed himself. It was strange to try to be a tourist enjoying a city that has such a dark past.

Berlin has some bright spots, of course, and I enjoyed this one. It's the book reading spot that's in the square where the Nazis burned books in 1933*.  There are big bean bags and hammocks set up around book cases and it's just super cool.

The Neue Wache, a memorial to victims of war and terror.

Despite all the history, Berlin definitely has a lively, youthful vibe.

We had currywurst at a little stand beneath the train tracks. Yum!

We took pictures at a little black and white photo booth. It was only supposed to be two euro, but we put in 2.50 euro by accident and the booth ate it all. :P

My favorite bit of street art. Berlin has a huge respect for street art and even the police give large allowances to their street artists. It's a mutual respect thing, apparently. The artists don't deface government buildings and the police leave them alone. Sweet deal, no?

Hey, y'all, life isn't over just yet!

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  1. Love, love, love your pictures Ruithey!! Great post....Auntie Connie xoxo