Monday, March 4, 2013

The Day Before It All Begins

I wonder if most adventurers have moments like this...

waiting for the water to boil for tea at 2:44 am the day before the adventure begins. Unable to sleep in the cozy, customized bed downstairs, maybe because bed isn't going to look the same again for a long, long time and my prolonged date with predictability is coming to a swift end.

Almost completely convinced: This is a bad idea...

Listening to Switchfoot - Restless
I am the sea on a moonless night,
Calling, falling, slipping tides
Always longing for the deeper ground

I am the raindrop falling down

I am restless looking for You


  1. will be a merry adventure....
    pictures...lots of

    travel light

  2. So excited for you!! And glad you haven't gave up your blogging;)

  3. It's a GOOD idea. Don't listen to yourself at 2 am, your viewpoint tends to be skewed that time of night. <3

  4. Hi Ruthiey! When I went to Holland with Oma in 2008, I felt sick after I had booked my trip. Leaving was so hard, but it was the most amazing trip I went on and so so special to be with Oma in her birth country. You are going with a very seasoned traveller, so you will be in good hands (and you are also in God's hands!). It will change your life and I am so excited for you. Auntie Connie xoxoxo

  5. Thing is, it seems like a bad idea when in actuality it is a terrifying idea that could turn out AWESOMELY.