Monday, March 11, 2013

Searching For Narnia

So here's the deal. I'm going to post pictures and you are going to try to wrangle some meaning from the order in which I post them, which will unfortunately be a fruitless wranglement. Please just release yourself from the bonds of needing the picture order to make sense and you'll enjoy this much more. Pinkie promise.

Jak and I went on a trudge (and joyous one, mind you) to Queens University and on the way was a tree.

And in the courtyard of Queens Uni, there was this clock. Hey family (and anyone else), remember Chariots of Fire when Abrams was racing Lindsey and the clock was bonging and bonging? This reminded me of that.

I was apparently beyond thrilled to be sitting on a circular bench,

And also to hang out with this lovely specimen of a greeter. 

I'm also a lecture enthusiast.  

We went to the botanical gardens that was nearby and we decided it was the inspiration place for the scene in Narnia, the Silver Chair BBC version where Jill was being teased.

Well, also it reminded us of Alice In Wonderland. We need some shrinking cake for this small door!

Here's Prince Rillian being tortured. Oh the drama!

Here are some lilacs for you, Mummy. They smelt delicious! The botanical greenhouse was warm and damp and perfect for growing flowers.

Here's Jill after being teased, hiding in the greenhouse.

Doesn't this look just like the movie? Gosh, please can I hear some agreement! :D Everyone who understands, that is. If you haven't seen the movie, you should watch it! 

Jump in topic. On our way back, we saw this pro-life group holding signs. Ireland is considering legalizing abortion and some of the churches are fighting and praying against it. We signed the petition and I was really blessed to see God's church alive and well in such a tangible way.

Mine own self chilling in front of the city hall building with very Irishly-green windows.

Finally the sun came out! I was as pleased as.. a sunflower?

Snacks for an adventure. chocolate digestives and a tender sweet carrot.

Warming my feet at the fake hostel fireplace before we go

An obscure clock tower which ended up looking pretty so it made it into the post.

Our tramp ended up at this marvelous statue called The Searcher. It's in honor of C.S. Lewis. The sculpture Ross Wilson explains it like this,

"The image of the man walking towards the wardrobe is a stylized heroic image of C.S. Lewis representing the searcher: an almost ‘everyman’ setting out to find Aslan. I hope it will be seen as a pointer as well, to show that sometimes the greatest things can be found in the unlikeliest of places, a wardrobe, a world beyond a wardrobe. The finished figure will hold a chair and not a book. The chair may be used as a vehicle of transport; as the viewer is seated on the bronze chair they travel through Lewis via imagination to Narnia."*

As we were looking at the statue, a bit of snow began to fall. It was a magical moment.

The snow melted shiny on the pavement.

We walked a little longer and spotted this. Can you see it too? Lil Babs, are you sure you're looking carefully?

One of the plump pleasant pigeons was hidden in the cleft of the rock.

Here's the Titanic guest center that we walked all around but didn't pay fourteen quid to enter. (And yes, Irish people actually still said quid and bob regarding the British pound.)


Jak and I were pink and exhilarated by the ocean breeze. 

Behind the center, was a huge reproduction of the ship's deck. This is an outline of a lifeboat.

We crept down some sea-weedy stairs. Excellent work, everybody!

This cracked me up to no end. Apparently, if we wanted to experience Extreme Ireland, we were supposed to board this heated bus. Gosh, if I'd have known, we would've planned this trip completely differently!

So Meta. 

Please do not leap into this water. It's a deeply dug port and you will most likely not emerge again from your brief and impetuous swim. Oh and the view is beautiful if you remain on land, so another perk.

Belfast, the city of old right next to new. 

It's beautiful here. Jak and I are trying to fit in a lot and I'm getting a little tired. Today was a busy day too that I will blog about later, but for right now, we are planning to take it easy. 

I have to say, I'm having a rough night. I'm a little out of sorts and needing prayer if you can spare some. Thanks for all the prayers I know people are praying for our safety. 

Oh and Lil Babs, I hope you are behaving. You know you better.

Listening to Kristyn Getty - Speak O Lord


  1. ha .wonderful shots...the one of cs lewis is the stairs too covered in sea persepctive....ah what sights.....very cool....

  2. praying, love. hopefully it's just the rain and your spirits will lift soon. take a nap and a hot bath or have a cup of tea.
    if you want to find out more about the history, especially of the Troubles, in Belfast, you guys could take a Black Taxi tour - they drive you around and take you to see all the murals and points of interest and tell you bits of history.

  3. I'm praying still! I hope it's a wonderful adventure, even the exhausting parts. And thank you for the picture-y posts! :D