Friday, March 8, 2013

Hop On The Train

 So last night, Jak and I went on a walking adventure in the busy streets of Dublin. We saw the Spire

And had fish and chips. I like my chips greasier but with some malt vinegar and lemon it was all delicious. Sorry, I didn't get a picture before we had begun - I was shaky with hunger. :)

That's been our first proper restaurant meal here. We've been shopping and cooking at the self-catered kitchens at our hostels so far.

In Dublin's Garden of Remembrance, we found this statue of people futilely fighting off swans. I guess that's probably not what it was, but we were in the throes of making decisions and trying to find places so we didn't figure out exactly what it was remembering. Our decision was to leave Dublin for....

Belfast! For those of you keeping track, we're leaving the Republic of Ireland (which is not under UK control and uses the Euro) and entering Northern Ireland (which is under UK control and uses the pound). In our attempt to find the bus station, we were stopped by a dear little pink-cheeked Irish granny who asked us if she could give us directions. She did and then told us, "Be cautious, girls! When you ask for directions, don't ask boys. Ask old ladies like me."

Mom, Mrs. C and Kelly, I'm sure you all appreciate that. :D

We spent a little time drinking milkshakes and tea at the freezing bus station.

Train tickets and apples for a snack. 
Some other adventuring girls took a picture of us waiting at the station.

The train ride was a peace two-hour affair with misty plains of Ireland rolling past, along with ivy and moss covered rock walls and pretty little villages.

Journaling happened. Thanks Kevin! Jak and I are taking your advice and I know already that this record of our travel will be something I treasure.

Here's a cute little train station shortly before Dublin Central.

We didn't take the bus because our hostel was supposed to be nearby, but we ended up getting a little lost. Thankfully it was broad daylight and we had multiple maps on our ipods and on paper. We felt very conscious of how tourist-y we looked with our huge backpacks as we trudged around Belfast.

Jak comparing maps in front of St. Patrick's church and you'll all be pleased to hear we did find our hostel! Obviously, since we are blogging now. Here's a bit I wrote on the train.

Is this an adventure? It's many parts to a whole, hundreds of new experiences, moments of wonder, periods to wander, guessing if I'll measure up in the coming area, finding my way, finding respite where I can, overcoming, making it a little higher, feeling like a gladiator ready to face the next foe, banging shield and sword together. Watch out world! I'm coming for you! I am curious, wise and hidden and you are no match for me and my Refuge. He's here and there and I will find him everywhere, every nook and crag of sea-worn Irish coast, the protective instinct in my big sister, the glorious enough but not too much I find in my pack, my bank account, my bible and the ever flowing river of grace. Is this an adventure? Yes, the beginning of one.

Oh I just love Jesus.

Listening to Westlife - When You're Looking Like That (playing in the hostel, a UK band!)


  1. Love this! You are quite poetic! I wish I could hang out with you two for a few days or weeks on this adventure of yours!

  2. I love little old ladies! Glad you're blogging and I can read about your adventures:)

  3. oh def keep a will look back on this for years to com...very cool day...and good advice on asking old ladies on

  4. aren't british chips weird? we had them too, and I really only enjoyed the fish - the chips were almost like mealy potatoes cut into strips and barely fried. very odd.
    when you get to London, you should try cornish beef pasties. you can get them at waterloo station, and they're delicious.

  5. Ruthiey!!! I love reading your blog, and I"m so glad it's been good so far. Tons of hearts!

  6. I'm so proud of you and your crazy adventure! And a bit jealous. Terrifying but EPIC. Daaaaaannng