Saturday, January 7, 2012


The longer I go between posts, the more I feel like I have to post a huge apology or an epicly great post to make up for my absence. Then I look around at all the information online and I'm okay. :) So here. I'm posting.

This morning I had coffee with the ever wonderful Tasia and we talked about hope. Searching for and holding onto hope is sometimes so exhausting, but if you follow your instinct and just give into despair, that will be more disappointing in the long run.

Now, with that, I'm going to go dig into the Jamie Oliver cookbook I just got from the library. Yum.

Oh my friend Courtney just went to France for a five-month study abroad! Check this out!


Listening to Asian Baby - Bad Lip Reading (with Justin Bieber)
Hey Vicki, "but I made eyes at her friend, yeah stupid me."


  1. sounds like you had a pretty good coffee today then...smiles. no reason to apologize....

  2. Ooooh, cookbook. I should take Lyssie out for coffee sometime. (Not like we don't go out to eat enough already... *cough*)

  3. thats okay it just make me look forward to your new post!!! sounds like you had a good chat with your friend!!!